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The Highest Hash in Africa!

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Hash Details!

Welcome to AAHHH, the highest Hash in Africa and one of the highest in the world, at 2400m above sea level. Some call Hash ‘The drinking club with a running problem.’ Perhaps this is true! Come and decide for yourself. We meet every Saturday afternoon, rain or shine, at 2pm / 14h00 (simint sa’at bityopia) in the Hilton Hotel car park, to run (or walk) somewhere nice outside Addis Ababa. Transportation is provided for those without.

We are a Family Hash: we welcome locals and expatriates, young and old, female and male, runners and walkers. We follow a paper trail laid in the morning by 'hares'. The group from about 40-60 runners and walkers, from a pool numbering over 400. The run (and a shorter trail for walkers) takes about 60-75 minutes. It is followed by a circle to welcome newcomers and returnees, usually returning to Addis Ababa by 6.30pm (asra-hulet takul). The cost is 30 birr, while newcomers pay a first-time fee of 70 birr. We use this money to subsidise drinks and special events. Further info: +251-911-206908.

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Run No 1396 – RA’s Hail Mary Run 
February 13th  

It wasn’t quite Valentine’s Day but lots of people turned up in red. Apparently it’s tradition here in Addis, that city of lovers, most of whom seem to be on the hash every week without fail. Anyway my main concern was the boy’s Grandparents, out here for three weeks and due to fly back to Blighty in the evening and making sure they got the flight. Fact of the matter was that there was a huge crowd at the Hilton so we were going to be challenged to get everyone up to the circle. All the cars set off in short order packed to roof leaving the GM and the boys to sort out a bus, which in the event took half an hour because taxi drivers know when you are in a jam. Anyway eventually all arrived and it was off to the site at Entoto above the training centre (when will they ever finish it?

Now when you stand at the top of a hill with no way to go up, it’s pretty clear that you have to go down, if you see what I mean. Anyway it was the RA’s Run and he should have had enough experience of setting things by now. I had the boy on my back so it was walking for me as we set off down the hill and then down a cliff from the radio masts, down a ravine down to farm land and then on down to a bog and then down to the Hash Halt. Lovely bit of scenery except that it was now plain that we would be climbing the second half with some pretty puffed out Grandparents, and that on the down hill stretch!

Stiff breeze didn’t help either until we all realised that the RA had clearly upset a VIP who controls the weather. Really as RA surely he has a better relationship with Closer My God to Thee. Huge storm brewing as we returned and half a kilometer from home down comes the Mother of all Hail Storms. Hence the name of the Run. Mother of God was the word. It was freezing cold and two babies were being carried around the circuit. Some very nice lady then appeared from no where with an umbrella to keep the hail off the boy so I had a good time of it until Tamarat appeared with brollies for the boy and for the Grandparents who were now knackered and soaked and freezing. Fortunately they are from Scotland so they probably has the sun cream on thinking it was summer!

As for the circle the ice turned to rain and everyone thought bugger it and pissed off to the ON ON while yours truly was found together with soaked Grandparents at 22.30 hours at the airport pondering the fate of the RA. Who on earth does he worship? Baal?

On ON!


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Run No 1396 – Wee Scots Poet Run 

January 23rd 


When a nation’s pride is at stake it has to be a good run – and behind that is a monumental exercise in mismanagement and planning compared to which the run pales into insignificance. 

  Having decided to celebrate the Immortal Memory of the Bard himself with the fifth WSP run, planning got underway even before the Haberdasher and family pissed off to Thailand for the birth of their son Fin. Must be a Hash name in there somewhere, possibly even “Fin Dick” after the illustrious GM himself! 

  We dutifully recce’d the site two weeks before hand, did a detailed recce the week before and then set the run and walk on the morning of the great event. Piece of piss really compared to all the other stuff on yours truly plate.

  The T shirt design was begun in November but somehow we found ourselves delayed by the Ethiopian Xmas and a week later something called Epiphany, which left three days to get the shirts printed. It worked after a fashion, ordering 20 XXL, 15 XL, 15 L and 20M only to get 20XXL, 1 XL, 27 L and 19M. Later found out we should have done 100 as a lot of people come out of the wood work when there is freebie in the offing.

  First there was the flag to hang up among the trees, together with a copies of the previous T-shirt designs for the WSP run, which meant bringing the clothes line along with us. Then there were the shirts together with the Jimmy hats for the Hares, the shredded paper plus plastic bags for setting the run and treacherous parts of the walk, water for the hares, warm clothes for the boy, his carrier and nappy bag, GM whistle, notes for the Circle, decisions about the OnON, my stick for supporting the weight of the boy on my back, first aid kit in case some tit falls over, money to buy my place on the run even though I am the hare, not to mention Hash Cash forms and four crates of beer, the cups and the ice box. 

  Actually the walk and the run were OK. The sun was a shining the weather was glorious, the t shirts were handed out only to those who had registered and paid up (cunning that as an awful lot of people were found to suddenly remember that they hadn’t paid, including one of the hares!) we found a stand in RA while the genuine article was acting out hi thespian fantasies on some building site in down town Addis and an entertaining time was had by all. The GM appeared to be brain dead after all the strain and fluffed most of his lines but with half a dozen ex GM’s ready to prompt the poor bugger it seemed to go by as if in a dream. 

  Finally it was off to Che’ for the OnON only to find that they had no water. Place stank of stale piss, Hash Cash did her bit and it was off home in short order to a well earned rest and Irish stew. Brain didn’t get back into gear until Monday!


On ON!



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Run 1390 – Hash Bash Run

Set on the highest spot on the hills over looking Addis, at some XXX metres according to my Google Earth investigation, this run could have had fun following the contours of the ridge out on one side and back on the other. It could have but it didn’t. Instead the pack soon discovered that they were plunging ever downwards through gorgeous countryside leaving the more dazed of the pack with the realisation that it was back up the bloody thing before we could get back to the Circle. Hash Bash T shirts this year were kindly sponsored by Helvetas, one of whose objectives is, rather ironically, to build bridges so that local folk can avoid the rigours of going up hill and down dale. The verdict on the run was, not surprisingly, not hilly enough, but only once they had recovered both their breath and composure. 

The walk set off along the ridge before beginning a gentle descent through woodland and fields to the Hash Halt, set not far from the Circle but with a ruddy great big ravine in between. The walk paused, paused some more and then it dawned that we were not going any further but were to be treated to the delightful sight of the runners struggling back up to the Circle. This was certainly entertaining until the runners set off home and the walkers found themselves repeating the same trail they had just used to get to the Hash Halt. Five out of five for the first half of the walk and minus three points for lack of imagination on the second half. 

The heart of the Circle were all in fine fettle, demob happy with the thought of trips home to Blighty for Xmas, little knowing that they will be arriving to the sight of freezing snow conditions kindly donated by Scandaland and threats of British Airways strikes over the festive season. Still they will have time to reflect on the very impressive Hash Bash at the Greek Club after the run at which our very own Hash Band played three numbers. Given the amount of practice required at your correspondent’s house during the previous two weeks, I have to say that when the volume was turned up on all the equipment they managed to borrow, the sound was nothing like the practice, which made me wonder question the point of all those practice sessions. Still it was a memorable first for the A2H3 and a jolly good night for only Birr 200 a head. Well done to the Hash Bash Team!

Oh and by the way the members of the new Mismanagement Committee for 2010 were appointed unanimously by Slave Trader at the Circle and then completely forgotten for the rest of the festivities, which, since the outgoing MMC did all the organising,  in hindsight seems entirely appropriate.



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