Addis Hash House Harriers

The Highest Hash in Africa!

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Hash Details!

Welcome to AAHHH, the highest Hash in Africa and one of the highest in the world, at 2400m above sea level. Some call Hash ‘The drinking club with a running problem.’ Perhaps this is true! Come and decide for yourself. We meet every Saturday afternoon, rain or shine, at 2pm / 14h00 (simint sa’at bityopia) in the Hilton Hotel car park, to run (or walk) somewhere nice outside Addis Ababa. Transportation is provided for those without.

We are a Family Hash: we welcome locals and expatriates, young and old, female and male, runners and walkers. We follow a paper trail laid in the morning by 'hares'. The group from about 40-60 runners and walkers, from a pool numbering over 400. The run (and a shorter trail for walkers) takes about 60-75 minutes. It is followed by a circle to welcome newcomers and returnees, usually returning to Addis Ababa by 6.30pm (asra-hulet takul). The cost is 30 birr, while newcomers pay a first-time fee of 70 birr. We use this money to subsidise drinks and special events. Further info: +251-911-206908.

A2H3 In the Movies!!! PDF Email

Attention all Addis Hashers!

 The Addis Hash is very privileged to have been chosen to have its Hash Run of Saturday 13 April be filmed by a film crew coming from Geneva, Switzerland.  The Director of the film is Mr. Pierre Morath and your Mismanagement Committee has decided to invite the Director and his crew to dinner this Friday, 12 April at 7:00pm at the Dessalech Cultural Restaurant, on the road off Bole Road in front of Millennium Hall. 

ALL ADDIS HASHERS ARE ALSO INVITED TO MEET DIRECTOR MORATH AND THE FILM CREW!  Please come and show our visitors some Hash hospitality.  However, this is NOT a Hash Cash-sponsored event and everyone is responsible for meeting their own costs for   food and drink.

DIRECTIONS:  when coming off the Ring Road, at the large Bole Road Roundabout go down Bole Road towards town and continue on past Millennium Hall.  Make a U-turn at your first opportunity and return towards the Roundabout.  Turn right on the last road off Bole Road before you reach the Roundabout. Continue about 100 meters and "Dessalech Kittfo and Traditional Hall" is on your right.  Parking is available around the restaurant.  Please pay careful attention as both sides of the Bole Road Boulevard are being used by cars going in both directions!

 The film crew will be filming our Hash Run on Saturday - all Hashers are urged to come and wear a Hash T-shirt, preferably our generic yellow T-shirt with green and red sleeves or an Africa Hash 2011 T-shirt.  Hashers are also encouraged to RUN on Saturday, as this is a film about RUNNING, not walking! 

 The film is no ordinary documentary film but a feature length film to be shown in cinemas around the world about the history of non-competitive running in various countries including the US and Ethiopia.  Our own "Lost and Found" Tamini, who has written a book about running, is responsible for encouraging Director Morath to come to Ethiopia and film our Hash.  Many thanks to "Father Christmas" Tamini - we now know the meaning of your name!!

1402 Ladies Day Run PDF Email

1402 Ladies Day Run

As if to prove a point the Ladies set out to manage their own run and Circle, including sponsoring a t-shirt. And instead of a run and a walk they also set a second run The Ladies Run. Set off the Gojam road but in the Nature Reserve we had the entire area to ourselves and a single curious hyena. Rather a contrast to the last two construction sites.

We all set off, yours truly running for the first time in living memory, to a series of perfect traps for the lead runners leading into a wide meadow in which the only ting that was clear was that the paper was not going to go up. What a glorious site it was a standing in the hill watching the whole pack spread itself over a half a square kilometre of confusion wit the ladies following the same trail and of course quickly becoming FRB. 

The it was along a grassy trail with convenient halts for breathers marked L . Great Idea. In fact the Ladies stayed in touch until about half way when the real runners pulled away and the Ladies Run slowed to a walk through the woods.

Meanwhile the walkers followed their own paper trail so as not to get lost and remarkably they didn’t this time, although a couple of runners were found going back around the run the wrong way. Lucky to meet up with the Ladies and their hares who promptly turned them around.

The circle was run by the Ladies who also learned a new song on the run – Here’s to Sister Hashers. Much confusion and huge turn out of newcomers slowed the pace of things but gave the GM and RA a pleasant day off, copious amounts of beer and chance to reflect of a good day out. Even the RA is reported to have rated it as a good run. 

Well done the Ladies



1405 The Green Run PDF Email

1405 The Green Run

This was recced with extreme care by yours truly so as to prepare a memorable run through new territory in line with an age old tradition, namely, getting your kids interested in hashing. The GM’s kids were out for Easter, arrived on a Thursday evening and were press ganged into a recce the next morning. We picked gorgeous view over looking the city and with the potential to set quite a number of different runs. We are beginning to think about the Africa Hash which is now but one year away! And I swear the scenery on this run  is about the best I have ever seen for open hashing. Simply gorgeous. Only down beat note was Annie picking up ants in her pants on a visit to the great outside loo. After last week’s naming it was tempting to have a naming but as it was her first hash I decided against it.

Based on the time honoured tradition of using the outward trail of the run for the walk, inserting a huge short cut for the walkers to join up with the in trail of the runners, we set the trail on the Saturday morning. The great advantages of this kind of arrangement is that a) walkers can run the in trail if they so wish and b) the hares can use the huge short cut to save themselves from being completely knackered by having to do the bloody run twice in one day. And of course when you’re an old bugger like me you make sure that there are ferocious checks to allow you catch up with the pack at a fast walk.

By the third check the pack were sent down into a huge open valley while the hares watched the specks in the distance turn into runners as they sped towards the huge short cut used by the walkers and hares. Well apart from No one Son who is fit and young and was detailed to follow the pack into the valley as sweeper. Of course you can be too clever by half. Set an obvious trail and then with out warning turn 90 degrees to the left or right. Completely foxes the front runners whose momentum carries them forward into lost trail But once lost the poor dears haven’t the brains to find the real trail – a bit like sheep really - so if you do not have a front running hare the whole thing can disintegrate very rapidly. This time we were all saved by the lungs of your truly at the top of the hill belting out ON ON! Up. Johny heard and all was saved. 

Don’t remember much about the circle. Too knackered to care!



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