Addis Hash House Harriers

The Highest Hash in Africa!

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Hash Details!

Welcome to AAHHH, the highest Hash in Africa and one of the highest in the world, at 2400m above sea level. Some call Hash ‘The drinking club with a running problem.’ Perhaps this is true! Come and decide for yourself. We meet every Saturday afternoon, rain or shine, at 2pm / 14h00 (simint sa’at bityopia) in the Hilton Hotel car park, to run (or walk) somewhere nice outside Addis Ababa. Transportation is provided for those without.

We are a Family Hash: we welcome locals and expatriates, young and old, female and male, runners and walkers. We follow a paper trail laid in the morning by 'hares'. The group from about 40-60 runners and walkers, from a pool numbering over 400. The run (and a shorter trail for walkers) takes about 60-75 minutes. It is followed by a circle to welcome newcomers and returnees, usually returning to Addis Ababa by 6.30pm (asra-hulet takul). The cost is 30 birr, while newcomers pay a first-time fee of 70 birr. We use this money to subsidise drinks and special events. Further info: +251-911-206908.

Receding Hareline
Up and cuming Hares!!! The Receding HareLine PDF Print Email

A2H3 Receding Hareline guidelines.

Addis Ababa Hash House Harriers (A2H3)


So you want to be a Hare?  First of all, good for you and thanks!  Most Addis Hashers are too lazy to set a trail and discover the fun of being a Hare. Each week there should be 3 Hares to set the trail and to accompany the runners/walkers on the run.  It is always good to have at least one experienced Hare to help.  Here are some guidelines to make you a successful Hare:

1. Locate.  Locate an area in advance where you would like to set the trail.  It should be no more than 30 minutes drive from the Hilton Hotel and should be accessible to the mini-bus.  Locate a good parking area for the cars and site for the Circle.  The Circle should be accessible to the beer wagon and not too big – approx. 6 meters across max. The run should start and end on the same side of the road where the cars are parked – never set a trail across a busy road!
2. Plan. A good run needs advance planning.  If possible, visit the area in advance and take a good look around.  Envisage a possible route, locating potential checks, false trails and check-backs, so you have a good idea of the route before you start laying the trail.  Be careful not to lay a route that might cross the route when returning to the start!

3. Set.  Set the run early Saturday morning, using shredded paper to mark the trail.  Make sure you have enough shreddy to provide enough marks.  Generally trail marks should be at about every 10 to 20 metres. The actual run should take 45-60 minutes.  A good guide for determining the run duration is that while walking the course setting the run, it should take you about two hours to set it, which will result in a run of around 45 minutes.

4. Checks.  A good run should have at least 4-5 checks to keep the runners together.  Each check is marked with a circle and should have 1-3 false trails and the real trail leading from it.  False trails should run for 100-300 meters and then an “X”.  Marks for both real and false trails at a check point should be neither too close (trails found too quickly), nor too far apart.  As a guide, from the check, marks should start to be placed about 50 walking paces away.

5. Loops. Loops are also an excellent way to keep the pack together. These are made by laying the trail around a hill or valley, so that the slow runners catch sight of the front runners and can short-cut through to them, or by laying the trail around a field, so that by the time the front runners are well around the field, the slow-runners can short-cut to catch up.  However, never set a trail across a planted field or growing field of grain! 

6. Hash Halt.  Half way through the run a Hash Halt “HH” should be placed, usually high up where there is a nice view.  Front runners wait there for slow-runners to catch up.  If the run is set properly, with a Hash Halt, enough checks and other opportunities for slow runners to short-cut, then the pack will stay together, which is the object of the exercise – Hashing is a social event, not a race.  If a run is set well, the front runners should be able to run as much as they want without leaving the rest too far behind.

7. Walkers.  Yes, there are Addis Hashers who are lazy and walk the run.  Therefore, plan for the walkers to follow the trail for a while, but then set a separate trail marked “W” to lead them back to the start so that the total walking time will be 45-60 minutes.

8. ON-ON.  After returning to the city from the run, Hashers usually go to a bar for more refreshment, music and dancing.  In selecting the ON-ON venue, remember that the A2H3 is a St. George beer drinking club – the venue must serve St. George draft beer.

Enjoy your day!  Hashing is Fun – being a Hare is Fun!  You will be rewarded!  ON! ON!





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